Happy End (=

This is the last reflection for the call coUrse. At the beginning of the term, I have biases against the course. More precisely the syllabus frighten me. The content of the lesson seemed very intense. I was very stranger against the tools. This is the main reason of my biases.

When  we learnt a new tool, and the usages of the tools I understood the necessity of the course. As time progressed I gained more information about the tools, so I enjoyed in courses and tasks more. I realized that I really learnt lots of things concerning to usages the technology in language classes. In this period of time, weekly tasks were lived some difficulties because I have to spare time for our other courses. I complained from the tasks in this period, but I learnt la lot of beneficial things. Really, I could discover something thanks to these tasks. Also, I developed my writing skill thans to reflections 🙂 

Now, I am happy for taking this course. All of my biases disappeared. I can see that I can get important knowledge about technology.

I want to thank our teacher because of his patient. He always answered our questions patiently even silly questions 🙂 He shared most important knowlege with us, he mentioned about his experiments. He always supported us and showed respect against his students. Fortunately, I taught this course with him. I am very happy now 🙂


Week 12


This was the last course of the term. Our last topics were weebly and second life. 

Weebly gives us a surprisingly easy and affordable way to create a site that is as unique as they are. Weebly has everything we need to plan, build, publish and grow a site that meets our goal. It uses a simplistic widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser. Weebly is our final project. It is easier than prezi. We prepared our own web sites includes all of our tasks during term.



Second Life is an online virtual word. It enables the users to interact with each other through avatars. Users can explore the world , meet other users, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another. It is a three-dimensional modeling tool. It is like real world. The users can earn money, build shoppin centre and etc. It is very enjoyable like sims. It is a program that beyond of our imagination. Only problem related to second life, it necessitates limitless internet connection.



Week 11

The topic of this week are podcasts and audiboo. Both of these tools are new for me. 

Audiboo  is a website that allows users to post and share sound files. It enables users to bring their voice to the world through audio recordings. We can use it for reporting, storytelling, education, as an online dictaphone, or just to let friends know what we’re up to. It can be used quite easily in the classroom.

Another topic is podcasts. Podcasting involves placing recorded material on a website from which it can be downloaded and listened to at a later time. 

We can used podcasts in two forms: One of them is for repetitive such as recording lectures, including lecture slides and demonstrations. Another of them is for supplemental such as providing material like interviews with external resources. We can use podcasts to prepare students for learning something new, propose and explain a complex concept, provide some alternative strategies for understanding new content. 

 It enables us lots of advantages for teaching, but it has some disadvantages besides these advantages.


  • available anytime/anywhere for students
  • easy to create, distribute, and download — no professional equipment is required
  • new podcasts are auto-downloaded
  • can restrict podcasts to students enrolled in the course
  • power of audio over text — students can listen and learn while walking, riding, waiting in line, etc.


  • entire file is downloaded to students’ computer/device
  • need sufficient bandwidth to download the podcasts in a timely fashion
  • limited usefulness for hearing impaired people
  • no interactivity — audience cannot participate, etc.
  • intellectual property issues





Week 10

The topic of this week was digital storytelling. The teacher informed us about two programmes. One of them is storyjumper and other is movie maker.

Both of these tools are very effective for students especially young learners. The content of the tools are so colorful and sparkly, so we can catch attention to students easily via these tools. I used movie maker beforehand, but I heard storyjumper first time. I think that, it is more practical than moviemaker. It doesn’t necessiate lots of time. Both of these toolk help us to keep students engaged. Besides, the students can develop their reading skills. These tools can bu used with many different learning styles.

When used in education, digital storytelling can be a wonderfully motivating, creative, instructional tool for students. I want to include these tools in my teaching process. They are very enjoyable for students and teachers. I hope that I can have sufficient time for preparing them.

Week 9

Twitter & Facebook

This week we talked about using social media in ELT classes. Using these tools in learning and teaching process provides lots of benefits for both teachers and students.  Facebook and twitter as a communication platform can be used to present ideas, for online discussions, to share interesting and relevant material and as a way for educators to connect with their students.

These tools allow the exchange of relevant and beneficial materials such as images, website links and videos. This ease of access is a great benefit for students and teachers. Using these tools have another  benefits:

• collaborative learning and discussion opportunities

•increasing participation

• improved learner engagement

• facilitated information delivery

• fostered creativity

• enhanced student–faculty contact

• encouragement of active learning

• a mechanism for timely feedback on assessed material

On the other hand, using facebook and twitter have some disadvanages. When the technology used in the classroom students don’t related to classroom activities. It leads to lack of concentration against the topic of the course, and it distracts the students and impedes them from learning. They can use social medias for different activities such as playing game and chat with their friends, so classroom management can be difficult for teachers. They can have some difficulties for drawing students’s attention. Also the technology does not allow students to interact and relate with their peers, and realize a group learning process.

I think that Technology has many advantages when it’s used for the development of the class. I hope that I can use these tools in my future class as required.

Week 8

This week we talked about wiziq that is an online teaching and learning platform, which provides a free virtual classroom environment for teachers to interact online and teach students in real time. I searched this tool to find more detailed information about it after class. I want to share some of them.

Teachers can also build a profile, keep an availability schedule, create interecative questions and tests, interact in communities, and maintain a content library, which is associated with their profiles, by uploading Powerpoint presentations, Word, Excel, PDF and other file formats. Wiziq has diffrent features that we can hear students’ voices via a microphone. Because of this feature it is very convenient for speaking exams.

It provides lots of benefits for teachers and students.

Benefits for teachers;

Offers a complete online teaching management system

Teachers get their own virtual classroom

Provides the ability to schedule a session online through a calendar at teachers’ convenience.

Teachers can interact with students through an online whiteboard to share text or documents.

Teachers can build their profile.

Provides the ability to conduct one-on-one or group sessions online.

Teachers can maintain a learners’ corner.

Benefits for students;

Students can find teachers

Learn from home, live through the Internet through an easy-to-use and interactive browser based interface, without installing anything.

Access tutorials shared by subject matter experts

Week 7

The topic of today is online classroom. We have talked about two sites this week. One of them is nicenet that offers an ICT approach tocommunication among class groups or for subjects and topics. It works entirely via the internet browser without making any further software demands on teachers or students. Nicenet is free to use and free of advertisements. As a web site, it is very reliable. Teachers can provide their students with reading materials , information about scheduled events such as assignments and excursions.Students can also enter documents, submit homework, and add links to the web. Everyone enrolled can participate in discussion forums. Of course, it has some disadvantages.One disadvantages is that only the class members can view each others’ work and no outsiders can, so you can’t see the other students’ writing. Besides, graphics and design elements cannot be easily used in Nicenet.org. Only writing can be displayed, no graphics or design elements. We can not upload video, visual aids, or documents like word files not to slow it up. Mostly it is used for reading and writing.

The other is campus,dokeos.that enables us to create a course for learners and consists more contents .It combines most of the tools such as forums, learning path and blogs, Teachers can add quizzes for learners, make an announcement and it enables the students to askquestions each other and, disscuss a topic there. 

Both of these programmes will be beneficial for us, especially campus,dokeos. Apart from teachers, these programmes offer a lot chance for students. I want to use these tools in my classroom.